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Finally, a place where internet users can openly give opinions about their favorite and least favorite websites. Whether you were pleased with your experience or are dissatified with the services, we want to hear about it. Talk Reviews is the place to praise, vent, inform, and learn about any and all sites on the web. What better judge of quality is there than the court of public opinion? Read what people have to say in the user generated website reviews. Check out updated traffic stats, page rank, and more. Read descriptions of sites without having to visit them first. Find out about online products before you make the buy. All the information you need is right here and is provided by the most reliable source.....YOU!

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    Mema Designs (Pty) Ltd (memadesigns.co.uk)

    South African lighting design studio, Mema Designs, creates unique products using woven aluminium mesh fabric. A collaborative venture, develope...
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    I high recommend them! (brixly.uk)

    You know it's not easy to find a right host which suits your needs perfectly well. Fortunately I have found such a host – it's brixly.uk.They wor...
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    Suited me was pure simplicity. (insurancehero.org.uk)

    Sorting out the life insurance cover that best suited me was pure simplicity.
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