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  • Rating 5/5
    LouiseAdrienne's Review on Posted on 01/29/2012
    Our technician is wonderful
    We have been extremely happy after switching from another wasp nest removal service a year ago. Our technician is wonderful, going above and beyond to meet our needs. Thank you
  • Rating 5/5
    OliviaStha's Review on Posted on 01/28/2012
    They are prompt, courteous, and affordable
    I have been using Wasp Nest Removal for about 5 months now and I am 100% satisfied with the service. They are prompt, courteous, and affordable. I went through two other pest control companies before...but I only satisfied with them.
  • Rating 5/5
    BillyGraph's Review on Posted on 01/27/2012
    Very friendly and quick service!
    Very friendly and quick service! I noticed a hive in my tree on Wednesday evening, called Wasp Nest Removal Thursday morning then their staff came out within the hour and had removed the nest within half an hour and they guarantee the service for two months following removal. Really GREAT nest removal service.

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