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  • Description Welcome to WCF Pet & Equestrian, the Nutritional Cat & Dog Food Specialist. Free Delivery Available. Caring For You & Your Animals Since 1911.
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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 4/5
    anneemichshel's Review on Posted on 03/16/2013
    I Just bought a Flag dog bed from Waggers & I LOVE IT!! The quality material is perfect and the design is adorable! It delivered me on time and I will be ordering more from Waggers.
  • Rating 4/5
    barbeaujonathan's Review on Posted on 02/16/2013
    I am very thankful to Waggers for providing an Easy to assemble Pet Gate for my dog at affordable rates. When I visited their website, I found a wide range of dog products like personalized dog tags, collars, ramps, healthcare and coats on their website. I would have no hesitation recommending them to others.
  • Rating 4/5
    shanemahoney's Review on Posted on 01/14/2013
    Just to say how pleased we are with the two luxury thermal fibre dog beds recently purchased from Waggers. It delivered me on time and very easy to assemble. The quality of the materials used was first class I will be ordering more from you.
  • Rating 5/5
    abbymathew's Review on Posted on 06/13/2012
    Dog bed at an affordable range
    I am very thankful to Waggers, as they provided me Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed for my dog at a very affordable range. The value of the bed is so superior that has not got a solo claw mark of my strong dog, who likes to have fun with his dog bed so much. I truly recommend you to buy dog beds only from Waggers.
  • Rating 5/5
    timjosh's Review on Posted on 05/15/2012
    Dog Treats -
    My lab loves the Rrruffs Dog Treats I bought for him. I came across it on waggers and thought it would be a good treat for my 14 month old lab. He is so in love with Rrruffs Dog Treats that he would do anything for it. I think it is an ideal treat for all dogs. I would definitely recommend it to all dog owners.
  • Rating 5/5
    stephenLee's Review on Posted on 02/16/2012
    Good quality dog products from Waggers!
    Waggers provides the best dog products. I recently bought a rectangular dog bed from them. I got that bed in very less price as there was special offer and I am really very glad of the product quality. I would recommend Waggers to everyone, who are looking to buy dog products.
  • Rating 5/5
    RobertMattocks's Review on Posted on 02/15/2011
    Reliable Dog Products
    Great, one of the best pet supplies around! Tons of variety and very knowledgeable and helpful!!!
  • Rating 5/5
    Lewis L's Review on Posted on 01/15/2011
    Complete Dog are product range
    Waggers provides complete dog care product range which meets entire dog care requirements. I have seen that they continuously add new products to the existing dog products with great integrity and brilliance to satisfy the needs. I prefer their range of products for my dog.
  • Rating 5/5
    Dogfen's Review on Posted on 12/16/2010
    Perfect Dog products for my dog
    I have purchased a bed and blanket for my dog & the products are perfect for my dog.

    Thank You waggers uk for such a quality product!
  • Rating 0/5
    mc.james's Review on Posted on 10/12/2010
    Dog Products by Waggers!
    I was in need of a dog bed and blanket for my dog. I was browsing through the web and found Waggers that offers all related accessories like dog beds, blankets, dog dry bag and luxury baskets, dog collars and leads with dog accessories including home furniture and car seat covers plus a collection of dog training products. I have purchased a bed and blanket for my sweet dog, and now he is extremely happy. Many Thanks to waggers for such a product!
  • Rating 5/5
    Waggers's Review on Posted on 09/10/2010
    Waggers are a specialist onlline shop that offers top quality dog products and has a wide range of dog accessories to help their customers get the best for their dog. They have been providing their customers with quality products while making improvements to their existing range. The best thing is that they are able to source new products to meet the ever growing demand of the customers.

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