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  • Description The Online Technology Store - Technology & Gaming Products all at Low Prices. Free delivery on most orders. 97% of customers would buy again from
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  • Rating 1/5
    James Hughes's Review on Posted on 04/05/2010
    More info. on previous review. 28/03/10
    Since my last review I have learned that my laptop had been registered by a Mark Jordan ,C.E.O. of Save On Laptops and now they are offering the upgrade for £49-00.I will now seek some legal advice on how to get my W7.discs.
  • Rating 0/5
    James Hughes's Review on Posted on 03/29/2010
    Windows 7 free upgrade from Acer.
    I purchased an Acer laptop from saveonlaptops that was offering a free upgrade to windows7.On trying to register for same I was told it had all ready been registered .I contacted s.o.l and was told to contact acer.They told me to go back to s.o.l.I phoned them and spoke to a person who told me she would put someone on who could help me.After holding for 20minutes I was cut off and so far they will not answer any of my emails.I am very surprised at their behavour .Has anyone had the same problem and if so what was their outcome?
  • Rating 1/5
    ramakris's Review on Posted on 02/24/2010
    Bought a laptop online over the weekend from had to call them back to be hear b*****it stories about payments and billing addresses even though the payment has gone through the credit card.. i very much doubt they had the laptop at all.. hope they return the money soon..
  • Rating 1/5
    wedrset's Review on Posted on 01/06/2010
    They may be cheap but there machines are faulty!!!! I bought £1000 laptop it was faulty so i sent it back and they would not give me a refund unless i paid 25% of the cost, which was £250!!!! £250 to return an Xmas present for my son!!!!!!
  • Rating 5/5
    lukewildman's Review on Posted on 11/25/2009
    Laptop for college
    My Son needed a reasonable spec laptop for college, so I was browsing the internet trying to find something that was good, but yet affordable because I know laptops are easily breakable! Eventually I came across this site, loads of deals perfect for college laptops, I eventually found a nice acer laptop at around £379, and it has lasted the first term so :]

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