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  • Description nomorepanic for sufferers of panic, anxiety, phobias and ocd
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  • Rating 5/5
    dnvgraphics's Review on Posted on 03/06/2013
    My light at then end of the tunnel
    As a sufferer of depression most of the time i feel lonely following a recommendation for my councilor to try no more panic im glad i did and i have now been a member for almost a year i have nothing bad to say about the site the members and admins are amazing. When im having a bad day sometimes i will post ive never had to wait long for a reply and when i do get one there always so kind i would recommended anyone who sufferers with depression ocd or anxity and any other mental heath condition dont suffer alone there is help in the form of no more panic

  • Rating 5/5
    anxietyasteroid's Review on Posted on 03/06/2013
    Nice to find a community for anxiety sufferers
    I agree that some of the reviews on this page just seem to be a copy/paste of reviews elsewhere on the internet from a few people who seem to have a grudge with the site.

    I have nothing bad to say whatsoever about No More Panic, I have ALWAYS felt welcome there and have spent many hours in the chat room in a panic and there has always been someone there to listen to me however much I moaned.

    I have also posted on the forum many times and felt that most people were willing to help and write advice.

    response from the admins is quick and they have always helped with my queries

    I would thoroughly recommend this site to others.

  • Rating 5/5
    panicgoaway's Review on Posted on 03/06/2013
    A very good site
    I have to disagree with the above review.

    I have found both the members and staff to be nothing other than professional. yes there is the odd 'tense' thread but I would expect that given the nature of the material the site deals with.

    The information on the site is very well presented with a wealth of information for people to read. The chat room also provides a place for people to get support on a one to one basis if they need it. I have chatted to many people in the chat room and lie

    I would definitely recommend the site to anyone.

    Just before writing this review I did a bit of googling and the same negative review has been posted on a few sites, a copy and paste I suspect. Perhaps this is just someone that doesn't like the site and seems to have some beef with the people that run it.
  • Rating 1/5
    information's Review on Posted on 09/25/2012
    no. More panic.
    needs a health warning.

    The site was created 10 years ago as "a source of information". A sign that says "beware of the dog" is a source of information.

    By it's nature the site has attracted admin with the most issues. Their "therapy" is the forced attention of admin status. The site causes hassle because the admin are running this site for their benefit, not yours.

    Many admin and long term users give bad information because they want to "pay it forward" with their destructive and self destructive issues. It is destruction therapy for them to bring others down to their level. The few good people who correct this bad information, leave because of the hassle the site causes.

    The site should be called "no. More panic"

    It's for the 1% (the admin/owner and long term users). not the 99%. But the 1% ARE going to recommend it. and there might be a sprinkling of decent stuff in the 99%.

    On a site, you initially trust the people in charge, until you see something you question. The truth is, rather than mostly good and some bad, it's mostly bad and some good. It's a black hole. The site has already left a trail of destruction of people who left in a worse state than they joined, because the owner did not want the hassle of helping them.

    The people who do give some help are generally other new members who have not yet been aggravated by the site. Because many of the admin provide wrong or incomplete info, the only way you will know this is if knowledgeable members correct the information. Knowleagable members tend to leave, because when they correct the bad information, the admin get annoyed with them for being shown up, and start attacking the knowledgeable members.

    That means you are left with unhelpful and incomplete information, from newbies who aren't confident enough to post.

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