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  • Rating 2/5
    akthus's Review on Posted on 04/28/2011
    Poor customer service
    I ordered 2 wardrobes. I had to chase up the delivery as I had heard nothing for 2 weeks since placing my order.
    The items did turn up but 1 wardrobe had a broken piece and a part the was cut a bit too small. Contacted them and I got an email telling me they would check with their parts department. Never got replacement parts despite sending numerous emails and phone calls.

    I guess if there are no problems this company is OK but don't expect them to give a monkey when they have had your money.
  • Rating 1/5
    darrington's Review on Posted on 04/12/2010
    I placed an order for 3 pieces of furniture in January with a delivery time of 6 weeks. The six weeks came and went and nothing from them. After numerous unanswered emails and phone calls I was told I would receive my goods the second week in April
    We are now in the second week of April and again after many unanswered emails and phone call I have eventually been able to get hold of someone on the phone to be told that it will now be the first week in June.
    Understandable I am not happy when two of my goods are showing in stock on the website and the other piece has been in stock since the order was placed in January
    I was told that the website has not been updated so they are offering goods and offering delivery times that they can not
    I am now at the point of waiting for someone to phone me back????
    If I have to wait as long for this as I have for the 9 emails I have sent over the last 6 weeks unanswered I hold no hope in receiving this phone call
    If it has taken so long to find out about an order I would hate to think how anybody would deal with a complaint if there goods were faulty
    I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.
    They have had my money since January and with no sign of the goods and still taking money for goods that they do not have.

  • Rating 1/5
    bigmouth's Review on Posted on 04/06/2010
    terrible experience with this company
    I bought a mirror from this company, and after waiting for more that 4 weeks, I eventually got the mirror, but they had sent the wrong one, not the one i ordered. I have been trying to contact them now for over a month, but no one has got back to me. I have no alternative now but to take legal action against the company. I would not recommend this company.
  • Rating 0/5
    mimi1972's Review on Posted on 02/26/2010
    Hovells brilliant
    Ordered several pieces of furniture, twice. Arrived quickly, stunning goods. Really good quality. One foot had a knot in and wouldn't go on properly. I sent an email to tell them and they responded quickly and sent me another foot. Highly recommended as they have great stuff and great service. More companies like this on the internet please. Why aren't they all this good?

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