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  • Description The hottest new trends, stand-out shoes and must-have bags. Shop the latest Ladies & Men's footwear from Dune
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    nikkyj's Review on Posted on 01/19/2010
    Customer service unreliable
    I ordered some shoes from this website in December 2009 and received an email saying that the item had been sent to my chosen store and that I would receive a call as soon as it arrives. A few days later, I received another email telling me that the order had been cancelled and no reason was given. I tried contacting them via their telephone (which took me a long time to find on the website by the way) and was told that no one was available to pick up my call and I should leave a message. I also sent an email.
    After waiting several days with no reply, I ordered the shoes again and again this time it was cancelled after a few days.
    I was finally able to speak to a customer service advisor after about 3 weeks, who told me my order was flagged as a potentially fraudulent one. How they came about this, I am yet to find out. All attempts to get any more information proved abortive and I was further warned by the very RUDE service advisor not to attempt to place another order on their site as this would also be denied.
    What surprises me is that, I did not ask for the shoes to be brought to my house but to one of their stores. I will then have to show forms of identification including my payment card in order to collect the items. When I placed my order, I also used Verified by Visa login. So how on earth could that have been flagged as a potentially fraudulent transaction.

    In my opinion this is a very poor website and the service is also below poor. Emails are never replied, phonecalls never returned. Advisor was very rude. It is also very difficult to find a contact number on their website.

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