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  • Rating 1/5
    Cory91's Review on Posted on 10/11/2012
    Dpbuk are well known scammers.
  • Rating 1/5
    billy_65's Review on Posted on 10/10/2012
    Everything is false about dpbuk
    You are doing a great service here by warning people against a genuine scam. I have seen a blog that is always stating that dpbuk is ok, but now I know they own it and it is all false, because there are far more bad comments than good ones against the owner of dpbuk. Great site and great service you have by warning people of scams and genuine reviews on bad companies.
  • Rating 1/5
    JPark38's Review on Posted on 10/06/2012
    Do not join
    Whatever you do, do not join, they are the ultimate fake dropship scamming website online, with an endless supply of unhappy customers behind them.
  • Rating 1/5
    keithR's Review on Posted on 09/12/2012
    Oh my, my, my, my. This is very bad that dpbuk are trying to shaft their customers this way. The proof is overwhelming. Need dropshippers? There are very many free ones that offer real trade prices, this is a scam.
    Don’t use scammers and fraud magnets like
  • Rating 1/5
    joe_936's Review on Posted on 09/01/2012
    Rip off
    I tried to sell to dpb and all we ever got were people who could hardly speak phoning us up asking stupid questions. It looks like they are trying to sell to idiots, and now if anybody mentions dropshipping through dpb when they phone us, we do NOT give them a dropship account.
  • Rating 1/5
    juanhill's Review on Posted on 07/19/2012
    Uses other dropshippers and marks up prices in the process, then charges hidden hosting fees. Very much a scam.
  • Rating 1/5
    Joe_14's Review on Posted on 07/18/2012
    They hide prices for a reason!!!! Frauds!!!
  • Rating 1/5
    jadejr's Review on Posted on 07/17/2012
    unusable site with ridiculous prices
    The site is so unusable that I never sold a single item. I had some traffic at the beginning, never a sale, then it all died out. I only wonder how can they sleep at night, the prices are just ridiculous and nothing like it was stated before I forked out the cash.
  • Rating 1/5
    Philip_charl's Review on Posted on 07/12/2012
    Am a fool for believing these crooks!
  • Rating 1/5
    jaden_b's Review on Posted on 07/09/2012
    Network of crooks
    Dropshipland same as ukdropshipgroup same as dpbuk same as dvddropship same scam. Check online reviews and you’ll discover just why. Not dropshippers, they use expensive intermediaries. Try puckator instead.
  • Rating 1/5
    Rtony93's Review on Posted on 06/26/2012
    Do not under any circumstance believe dpbuk, he is a crook!
  • Rating 1/5
    VincentD4's Review on Posted on 06/15/2012
    Waste of time!
    Ok now if you want to make a fiver every other week working like a donkey then go for it, otherwise you’d better close your ears before their pitch gets the better of your common sense.
  • Rating 1/5
    stanleyJ250's Review on Posted on 04/16/2012
    Work From Home Scam
    Another work from home scam fuelled by false hopes, were caught red handed posting fake testimonials. This same fraud; proof of fake testimonial
  • Rating 1/5
    star99's Review on Posted on 03/24/2012
    worst of all..
    I have read so much negative press about, that it is amazing they are still generating customers, their reviews are very, very bad. I will not use any company that has such bad reviews about them, and this has to be one of the worse.worst
  • Rating 1/5
    stevepy99's Review on Posted on 03/23/2012
    Scam. and scam again. Just check all the reviews on dpbuk, soooo bad. Don’t spend money with those crooks!
  • Rating 1/5
    tonydson_45's Review on Posted on 03/09/2012
    Scam!!! They just use puckator dropshipping!!! And now I have to pay another £25!!! Scam!!!!!!
  • Rating 1/5
    JBarnard's Review on Posted on 02/28/2012
    Would not recommend
    A guy named Tony got the better of me. Told me dpbuk and dropshipland are different companies, which they are but the website is EXACTLY THE SAME. Prices are higher than online, which means I can buy single units online without having to pay them for a disgusting service and horrible looking site. Maybe not a scam because the company exists, answers calls, and sound friendly, but it’s a definite rip off, no money in it except for them taking fees and increasing prices from wholesalers. Would not recommend unless you are a lunatic and wannabe.

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