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  • Description Disco Food is the one stop shop for all your plant food research chemical needs! We know how much your plants mean to you. For that reason we offer you only the highest quality available.
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  • Rating 1/5
    Carlloy's Review on Posted on 03/30/2010
    non delivery
    Ordered plant food from this site and it never arrived, emailed company several times but they just ignored and never replied. Dont use these guys, they write their own great reviews and go under different web names too - just check out the bottom of the website and see it its part of the 'buy mephedrone group' if it is keep clear and use another site, there's tone out there!!! you have been warned :/
  • Rating 5/5
    discofood's Review on Posted on 01/14/2010
    buy mephedrone
    buy mephedrone uk from
  • Rating 0/5
    discofood's Review on Posted on 01/14/2010
    buy mephedrone uk from discofood
    by far the best place i have used to buy mephedrone and to buy methylone plant food.

    the srvice is excellent and my items always arrive really quick.

    alsoways buy mephedrone from discofood

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