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  • Description Unger water fed pole window cleaning equipment in stock from our Warehouse in London. One stop shop for all the Carpet cleaning machines and solution from Proch
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  • Rating 5/5
    cedricuk's Review on Posted on 02/09/2011
    All the post before that one are from alan spratley who is a dodgy web designer.
    To quote his email he sent me yesterday

    "Watch what we can do to ur site. This is where the actual fun begins.

    You forget, web designers can soon close and create new site's so ur posts mean nothing to us. I dont think you can simply close your site and open a new one under a different name can you? So with a thousand bad reviews online im sure you have more to lose that we do..........."
  • Rating 1/5
    DANDTCLEANING's Review on Posted on 02/07/2011
    Looking online it seems someone made a website about them too... Guess they have been ripping alot of people off lol. Good old cleaningspot. Stung ages ago.. once bitten twice shy ;)
  • Rating 1/5
    DANDTCLEANING's Review on Posted on 02/07/2011
    Not much change from a year ago then!
    Dont know how they are still in business lol. They did the same to me a year ago with a 2000 quid order. Stay away from them not got that many good reviews online from what i can see!

    Never did get a refund.
  • Rating 1/5
    Christopher Mitchell's Review on Posted on 02/07/2011
    Bad customer service - poor delivery time. Not a good experience
    On 12th January 2011 i purchased a Karcher NT Car Vacuum Cleaner for my cleaning company. I was promised a delivery within 48 hours yet i am still waiting to date. I paid just over 150 pounds for the product which failed to turn up and when i spoke to the company i was told they was out of stock!!! this was AFTER i was told it was in stock and should be with me within 48 hours.

    I am very shocked at this as normally a company can tell the difference between what is in stock and what is not in stock.

    Not happy with the service at all and would recommend using other suppliers. This was my first and my last dealing with

    I hope the company can deliver a good enough reply as all they do on the phone is seem to deny everything i say... very childish.

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