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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 5/5
    kt_uk1987's Review on Posted on 02/16/2011
    now been reported to Action Fraud
    everyone do the same!!
  • Rating 5/5
    kt_uk1987's Review on Posted on 02/16/2011
    Same thing happened to me
    Hi i am going through the same thing - i sent him a letter today, saying i will be taking him to small claims court. i am so happy i am not the only person he has done this too!! I will not let him take my money!!

    I definitely want something done about this - this is not fair!!
  • Rating 1/5
    cedricuk's Review on Posted on 02/12/2011
    This has to be stopped!!!!
    We now have lots of testimonials of victims from Andrew Doyle from
    If you are one of them, make your voice heard on
    This website has to be shut down
  • Rating 0/5
    cedricuk's Review on Posted on 02/07/2011
    All potential buyers beware

    Website design paid £499 in front on 01/11/10 agreed by Andrew Doyle that it will take a couple of days.

    Then on 5/11/10 he said it will be completed tonight, then far later he said that we will be the next on his list, then in december he said to look at the anoucement on his home page
    the home page said that all the jobs he started will be completed on 20/12/10

    so we send him an email on 14/12/10 to say that if the job is not completed on 20/12/10 then we would then cancell

    The seller didn't bother to reply

    A notebook was also included in the price, he never posted it although he told us one day that he was going to the post office to send it.

    In January he sold a stuff on ebay so I pretended I would collect at his place and he gave me his name Andrew doyle with his mobile, the same mobile he provided and he said he was there all day. The adress is in Preston XX Widman St

    The special delivery we sent on January to his adress in Cornwall never arrived as the adress was not found (by the way the adress he put on his proforma invoice in november was also in Preston, --- Emmanuel St)

    Then when the letter came back to us, I emailed him for his adress to take him to court, less than 1 hour later our whole website was deleted.

    Please note we gave him the login to our cpanel on 1/11/11

    Then I couldn't access my cpanel as the administrator email adress was given to alan spratley (I never gave him our password, and the only person who had it apart from me was Andrew doyle).
    we also found that all our email were also diverted to his email
    We don't know for all long he was getting all our emails.

    A very dodgy web designer. BEWARE

    Anyone in the same situation please Contact us
    We can do a group action.

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