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  • Description Get what you want today with Fast Track delivery, 7 days a week
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  • Rating 1/5
    heatherjune's Review on Posted on 11/19/2011
    (Almost ) THE LAST place I would buy from
    I don't like this company at all.
  • Rating 5/5
    jayfcf's Review on Posted on 01/02/2011
    Argos is fab
    Shopped at argos hundreds of times.

    Very happy to accept returns for faulty goods (I must say not had many).

    Very reasonably priced.
  • Rating 5/5
    r2d2geek's Review on Posted on 11/09/2010
    Easy to use
    I love Argos' website - particularly with its ability to find products local to me.

    Very often I don't actually buy off the website due to the delivery charge (except of course, if I'm buying a TV or something like that). Instead I often reserve items.

    The reservation system is really easy to use - and confirmation numbers are sent to both email and mobile which is really convenient.

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