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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 0/5
    Curlycomber's Review on Posted on 11/22/2011
    Able Skills Plastering
    I recently attended an Able Skill course (Intensive Plastering Course), it
    was enjoyable and informative.

    Our instructor Jo Holloway was extremely patient the advice was very
    constructive. He ran the course at a pace that ensured he covered
    everything I needed but a no time did I feel rushed. He was happy to
    answer all my questions even though he had already covered these areas
    as part of the course.

    Other members of staff were most helpful. During a break I asked one of
    the guys where I would find the tiling section was, the intension to return
    for that course.

    I was shown where it was and the tiling tutor was helpful and explained
    the overview of the course. When I was heading back down the car park
    the original member of staff made a point to come over to me to check I
    found what I was looking for.

    Being newish to the industry I was apprehensive at the start but Jo and
    Spencer but me at my ease. I would highly recommend AbleSkills to
    anyone looking to learn any of the disiplines you offer.

    I look forward to returning at a later date for another course, not too long I hope.

  • Rating 5/5
    mosaicman's Review on Posted on 10/30/2010
    8 week tiling
    About 8 months ago i completed an eight week tiling course with able skills in dartford and can't sing their praises highly enough.
    When i decided to undertake tiling training i made sure that i did my research very well as I am intending to emigrate to Australia and needed to gain a qualification.
    I spent a few weeks deciding where i was going to train and was in a position to visit a few centres. As i needed to train over weekends as well as weekdays i looked at centres that claimed to be open 7 days a week.
    I turned up at able skills unannounced on a Sunday afternoon, met the office staff and then was guided to the tiling centre.
    At this stage i met the tiling instructor, explained to him my aims and from then on was given guidance on my options.
    As it's in my nature to ask lots of questions i made sure that if i was going to book a course i was going to leave feeling satisfied that i had selected the right place for me.
    I was immediately impressed that the instructor was willing to spend some of his lunchtime explaining to me that he will be taught by qualified, time served instructors. At this stage he confirmed his vocational and teaching qualifications, chatted through his experiences and confirmed the centres accreditations for qualification courses.
    I took some time chatting to some of the guys training at the time, glanced at some of their portfolios that they had put together.
    The instructor (MAX) even invited me to look at previous feedback from students that had trained there over the previous 5 years just in case i needed any reassurance.
    I was immediately taken and booked a eight week package over weekdays and weekends even spreading my payments over the duration of the course (interest free).
    During my course I made many friends and contacts with other’s who were training in other subject’s such as plastering and plumbing and found that they have passed work my way and I have done the same for them. I have kept in regular contact with Max who has even put me in touch with some of his contacts to gain further work.
    They even helped me with my CSCS card!
    I have now completed my NVQ folder and had one site visit from the assessor. After another site visit I should have completed the criteria to receive my NVQ (Yippee – Australia here I come)
    Have to say that i feel that it was a great decision for myself as since completing my course I have had plenty of work.
    My advise to anyone wishing to undertake training is visit the centre where possible!, don't make a booking just turn up
    thanks able skills
  • Rating 5/5
    loftman's Review on Posted on 10/18/2010
    able skills training.... i'm a fan
    I can't deny that i am a fan of able skills - they taught me to plaster and they have started me on my way to a bit of tiling. i am earning money now as a result of their training and my own hard work and they have also put me on to a couple of guys who were looking for work, one wasnt all that but the other lad has turned out excellent an he has done lots of training at able skills and stays in touch with them. he let me know about the review by some littlescouser fella and out of loyalty, here i am offering my views on the centre. I cant comment on their accommodation, i am localish to them and didnt need it although lads i trained with did and they made no comment one way or the other, i think they just enjoyed being away from home and going out on the lash now and again. the training as far as i could see across the board was excellent, my own plastering experience was blinding and i did some tiling recently and that was cool too, i had 2 guys, Max and Terry (he is the muscly fella no-one seems to like) but he can't help how he looks!!!!!, he was a nice guy, knows his stuff and is very patient which isnt what you expect when you first meet him. The plastering team has changed since i was first there and they are nice guys, they've got 1 original instructor left called Spencer and he is a real South London fella, very down to earth and a great teacher - knows his stuff, proud of his trade etc. The plastering centre is in the same building as the office and man, it's mad in there! Phones going, students in and out, staff in and out, visitors turning up and its only a small office - the ongoing joke for Angela who is the centre manager is 'Cor, you need a bigger office' - it drives Gary mad (he owns the training centre) as he is sick of hearing it i think. The one thing i will say is that i don't know how they do it in there, all of the training centres are run from one little place and they are both there 7 days every week. Angela knows who is in the centres at all times, she makes every effort to know everyones names and gets a bit embarrased if she has to ask you your name when you go in to pay your weekly money. I always found her friendly when i saw her either out making coffee or walking between centres, always asks how you're getting on etc. Gary is always out and about, walking round the centres, talks to students, washes up (!) and generally likes to know how you're doing. He can plaster a bit as well and will always put anyone right who looks like they're struggling.I don't know how either of them keep going. Overall, i think everyone at able skills works hard, i know people like working there and to be honest, reviews should be about the training you received, how good or bad it was, value for money or a waste of money etc. If where you're staying isn't all that, stay somewhere else, if you don't get the service you think you should, go complain but don't use a review site to be so personal and quite frankly rude. If 1 or 2 people have given bad feedback out of the hundreds of people they have each week down there, just imagine what this site would be like if all of the people who loved able skills left feedback, the site would crash!!!!! i know bad news gets read but less than 1% of students unhappy isnt bad at all if you look at the bigger picture. I agree with Marthof and think that you should go to the centre and make your own mind up - I will go back to able skills every time, even if it's just to see if Gary has got Angela a bigger office yet!
  • Rating 5/5
    MartHof's Review on Posted on 10/18/2010
    electrical course at Able Skills
    I recently completed an electrical course at Able Skills and I have to completely disagree with poorlittlescouser's comments and question his motives in posting such a negative review.
    Both Angela and Gary provided me with great support during my time with them.
    Even though they appeared to be very busy most of the time they were always happy to answer any questions I had and definately did not push me for money.
    I really enjoyed my time with the tutors and fellow students and thanks to my C&G qualification am now in full time employment which is not something a lot of people can say right now.
    I would be very wary of any negative reviews that include personal attacks as I simply do not have a bad word to say about Able Skills. I would recommend that anyone should visit the site if they are unsure as the proof is in the pudding!
  • Rating 5/5
    jethro's Review on Posted on 10/16/2010
    ableskills electrical course
    Having just read the review from poorlittlescouser I felt I had to share my experiences. Having gone through the same electrical courses my experience of ableskills could not be further away from that posted by poorlittlescouser. I have attended a few courses at ableskills and have to say that the staff and the centre have always ensured that the learning experience is a positive one. I have found the accomodation to be comfortable, clean and good value, I dont know any other training providers who have their own accomdation and go to these lengths to ensure it is available at heavily discounted rates. I have stayed in the accomodation on both occasions and have found it to be a positive experience so was suprised to read how poorlittlescouser had felt about it. The accomodation was cleaned regular and I was asked by Angela how I found it on more than one occasion. This gave me the impression that if something was not up to standard they would have done something about it.
    I found my tutors to be very informative and capable of pushing me when I needed it and they managed to teach an old dog new tricks! Gary and Angela run the centre and genuinly seem to have the students needs at heart, this was actually commented on from some of my fellow students, as they had used other centres for some of their qualifications and not had the same level of service, compared to Ableskills.
    My advice to anyone looking at courses in plumbing, tiling, plastering and electrics - go and have a look round and make your own mind up. Talk to the tutors and some of the students and get the real picture before you spend your money. I have never been bothered to write reviews before, but felt I owed it to say something in this case!
    I intend to book on to the PV course soon and will not hesitate to go back to ableskills to do their PV course. I hope this helps anyone thinking of training and spending money on a career change.
    When I decided to change my career I was very nervous about spending so much money on training, I looked long and hard and read some of the reviews before committing to ableskills - I still feel I made the right choice.
    My tutor did say to me "the course is what you make it", I chose to make mine a positive experience with their help and my fellow students, who have now become good mates!
  • Rating 2/5
    poorlittlescouser's Review on Posted on 10/11/2010
    Ableskills or disabled skills
    Hi all,
    I completed my electrical training at Able skills, and stayed in there accommodation while there. And will include this in my review.
    Firstly positive. I found the instructors of excellent standard while there and very helpful, even when I wasn’t in the class they would stand with us (students) and chat discuss anything. There was no student teacher divide!! Just adults and I really enjoyed this way of education.
    I did struggle with my tutor though, as he seemed to have his faves and went out of his way for them and be a lot shorter with every1 else. That being said I did pass most things first time but not all. (I don’t wish to say his name as wouldn’t want to get him in trouble)
    To confirm the above review Angela Wright is the centre manager at Able skills and is a very HARD faced woman that seems over run and pre occupied with everything and has very little time with the students except when she is trying to sell you something i.e. books further courses etc...... The whole centre was full of a certain attitude that could only be passed down from management and there exact words where "Ya pay ya money ya do wot ya wont" or "The course is the course do it or not" I heard this same saying from every instructor there electrical or not.
    Again confirming another review there is a great big steroid freak instructor there and although I didn’t have anything to do with him I was forewarned about his abruptness and eating habits from other students.
    The accommodation was awful I mean really awful... Try and find somewhere else to stay.
    Where do I begin????? First of all I found in one of the cupboards something that i have never seen before ROTTEN meat and veg that could of been there at a guess nearly a years the plastic had melted that it was once packaged in and it had soaked in to the kitchen cupboard expanding all the wood to nearly an half inch thicker than everywhere else. I placed a sticky note on here saying "please clean me" by the following week it had gone. The large window in the kitchen would not shut and left open 24/7. Exactly the same as the window in my bedroom the handle was broken and i could not close it. despite reporting it several times as I didn’t feel safe at night and had to pack all my belongings in to my car everyday to try and prevent a theft.
    At night the pipes in the house would rattle and bang this was very very loud so bad I slept in my car some nights!! Again I reported this and it became apparent that Gary Measures (centre owner, Director) already knew about this and so did the staff and even the cleaner told me how it had been reported many times and knew what the problem was. (Something to do with hot water)The cookers kept tripping the MCB or RCD and if reported they wouldn’t come sort till the next day!! That was bill you then got 15 to 20 men trying to use 1 cooker if it wasn’t bad enough with only 2cookers in the first place.
    If you do stay here bring your own pillows as the ones provided are very cheap and worn out like a piece of paper on your bed, spend a fiver and have your comfort Gary wont!
    The ant infestation the floor in the kitchen was absolutely covered in ants I didn’t bother reporting this as it seemed a waste of time but was eventually sorted after a couple of weeks.
    Another student was locked out of his room and told he couldn’t go get back in despite all his clothes tooth brush etc being in there...
    Showers they were ok if you don’t mind the split shower heads shooting off in all directions but they were warm and wet!!!!
    The tutors I met while there where Mark, he was excellent but has left now. Big Richard, an absolute genius and a nice guy with plenty of time for explaining to students properly.
    Paul, Nice guy loads of onsite experience couldn’t always put himself across in a class room but was second to none on practical sessions. Steve, he was an able skills student and then stayed on as Tech advisor/store man able skills would not survive without him and is a real unsung hero here. Hardworking kind loads of time for students always helpful. Jim, head of electrical department. a leather waist coat clad man quite rude and not very well respected amongst students or tutors. He told me once that if I didn’t move my vehicle he would roll over it with his 4x4. I have never laughed so much!!! What a nice guy!! Kev, absolute super star loads of time don’t mind explaining things 2 or 3 times if needed and is a real friend to the students.
    It seemed with able skills that for every positive there were 2 negatives real one step forward and 2 steps back. That’s why I can review them with 2 stars. Certain things could be changed and I think they are like that simply because they are so busy. The tuition is excellent in places but go to the office and you are offered a cold shoulder by either Angela or Gary who seem to hold all the power and are only interested in money how much you have paid and why your 10 mins late it. The others in the office (Emily, Carla, and John) seem to want to help but are retained from doing so by a control freak. Sorry Angela but true.
    Gary if you do ever read this? The report forms that are handed out every Friday don’t exist despite asking for one several times I never once got one. If you won’t to stand out from the rest which I know you do. Think what you would wont if studying away from home??
    • Comfort every1 complains about the pillow situation.
    • A desk in your room to study and revise at the kitchen table is not good enough for the amount of people in the house.
    • Provide some sort of internet access at the house, you could even charge for it!! But would be a real help when studying and revising. It might even help with your pass rate.
  • Rating 1/5
    stefan123's Review on Posted on 09/22/2010
    ableskills poor instructor
    I bought a course from Able skills Dartford as the centre seemed to be decent.
    However the instructor was an unapproachable man, full of inner grudge and prejudice with an overgrown ego.
    He had NO teaching skills at all with a mentality like a progenitor.
    In all I had to switch to another centre.
    Verdict: Able Skills Dartford course was my worst buy ever. Useless.
  • Rating 5/5
    chart_2010's Review on Posted on 05/16/2010
    Part P package for D.E.I
    The courses were well worth every penny, the instructors are really friendly and always on hand to help you. The courses are very constructed so you get the most out them. I would recommend Ableskills to everyone who is thinking of going into the construction industry. I would highly recommened that you go visit the center and chat with the staff who will be happy to help you choose the course that is right for you.
  • Rating 1/5
    city boy's Review on Posted on 04/15/2010
    I have to agree with wildcard on this feedback,i did a 2 week tiling course with ableskills & felt pretty much left on my own.There was far to many students & too much going on to learn anything.Not reccommended by me.
  • Rating 5/5
    plaster_mike's Review on Posted on 04/13/2010
    6 Week Plastering Course Completed!
    I completed a 6 week plastering course with Able Skills about 2 months ago. I decided on a career change after being made redundent as an IT consultant and wanted to do something different. I visited several training centres and was most impressed with Able Skills facilities and their willingness to show me around and let me talk to people that were training there at the time. I booked my course and must say i enjoyed every minute of it, what a change from sitting at a desk all day! After 6 weeks i left feeling confident to tackle any job and begin my new career. I've now got myself up and running with a van and all the required tools and work is starting to build up through recommendations. Making the decision to retrain was the best decision I ever made and would like to say a big thankyou to the instructors at Able Skills for helping me realise my goal.
  • Rating 1/5
    wildcard's Review on Posted on 04/12/2010
    ableskills tiling
    H&S policies,dont make me laugh,you have an instructor walking around the workshop with a bowel of hot food every hour filling his face.When i needed help in the w/shop he was in the office again knocking up another bodybuilding fix.I left because of the way he spoke to me,no other reason.Yes i did go to diamond but the travelling time is the same,so that was not the reason i left.
  • Rating 5/5
    Angela Wright's Review on Posted on 03/31/2010
    Centre Manager Able Skills
    As Centre Manager at Able Skills i think it only fair that i post something on here relating to the training we offer and also as an attempt to counteract the 2 previously written 'reviews'.
    Able Skills has been training for 7 years, we have approvals from City & Guilds, CITB, CAA, NICEIC, EAL and a few more. You do not have these kind of approvals if the training you provide is not to a high standard as mentioned in the 2 'reviews'. Obviously, i will defend this training facility at all costs but moreso, i will defend my instructors. Both of my Tiling instructors are qualified, time served and hold the required teaching and assessing awards. They are organised in their approach to training, care about the students, are passionate about their trade and week after week have fantastic feedback on the questionnaires handed out every Friday. I am aware that Wildcard has posted several reviews on several sites,and he is right, he did leave halfway through week 2 but he had already spoken about booking with Diamond so his leaving was more about travel than us. Our other students who were here at the same time as him told us that on the day he left, i didn't need to read it on a review site. As for Harry the Londoner, i've checked back through my diaries and no Harrys at Able so either Harry isn't your name(?) or you were never here. If you spent £2k here, you would've stayed for the whole 6 weeks as we do not take payment up front. If you had completed 6 weeks, you certainly wouldn't need to train anywhere else as we have the most comprehensive training of any centre ( i have an ex-Romford and and ex-Crawley instructor here now - both glad they made the move!)If you did pay upfront but didn't stay then we would have refunded so Trading Standards is quite frankly rubbish. There is a lot of competition in this game and discrediting is something that other centres are keen to do, especially to successful and busy centres and as we all know, people like to read bad feedback over good! my point to everyone is that if you are looking to train, spend money, change career etc then GO AND VISIT THE CENTRE YOU ARE CONSIDERING. Turn up unannounced,check feedback forms which should be retained, check the qualifications of the staff and the approvals of the centre, including H&S policys and insurance etc. I think Able Skills is the best training centre in the UK but then i would, i work 7 days every week to ensure that it is!!!
    Angela Wright - Centre Manager
  • Rating 1/5
    wildcard's Review on Posted on 03/28/2010
    ableskills tiling course
    I booked onto the 8 week tiling course,but only did 2 weeks as it was so bad.2 instructors (supposidly) to 17 students all at different levels! Your pretty much left to your own devices, & when you need help the instructors are either in the office chatting or gone awol.If your thinking on booking a course with them,go & take a good,long look.Not recommended by me
  • Rating 1/5
    Harry the Londoner's Review on Posted on 12/08/2009
    City and guids Plastering course
    Did a course with these people who claim to know what they are talking about. Best part of 2 grand gone to waste. Spoke to trading standards and feel really let down. Have booked on a plastering course else where, in Romford which I should have done before, my fault for not checking the centre out first. I will certainly not recommended these to anyone.

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